Prices & Coupons

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(Must be presented at time of purchase)

  • Fly 500ft for $75 per person
  • Observers $30 (if space is available at time of departure)
  • All flights are 10 to 12 minutes
  • We fly Single, Tandem (two in chute), and Triple Flights (tandems are guaranteed for combined weights of 450 lbs or less. Other combined weights are determined by the captain at the time of your trip)
  • Anyone under 18 years must have an adult signature on the waiver
  • Digital Photo packages $30. Let our crew take your pictures (package includes views from above as well as your individual flight)
  • Gift certificates available
  • Proof of flight: T's, hats & visors
The trip takes an hour and a half as we take 10 to 12 parasailors per trip and fly out in the Atlantic ocean in front of Ocean City beaches.