Are you excited to try parasailing but maybe a little nervous about safety issues? While the excitement and thrill of parasailing does come with some risks, top parasailing outfits like Ocean City Parasail take great efforts to deliver the safest most professional experience possible. In addition to regular equipment upgrades, inspections, boat maintenance and more, Ocean City Parasail boasts a 100% safety rating! From our boats to our captains, everything we drive and all our boat drivers are licensed and inspected by the United States Coast Guard. Our friendly captains all undergo background checks, as well as regular drug screenings. Plus, they have passed rigorous USCG skill assessment tests to earn their USCG Master level boating licenses. They are trained to recognize ocean conditions, weather patterns, obey all boating rules and regulations, in addition to being awesome people who provide spectacular service! At Ocean City Parasail, our expert captains drive top of the line boats. In fact, all of our parasailing boats undergo regular USCG inspections to ensure they meet rigorous government safety standards. This means all of our boats are certified to be in excellent working condition, and they are all equipped with every required piece of safety gear and then some. Plus, we’re pretty fond of our fleet, so we take it upon ourselves to take excellent care of every boat, every day. We’re very proud of our 100% safety record, because we have worked hard to achieve it. Our boats and our equipment are all always in tip-top shape, and our captains are among the best in the business. So, if you’re ready to try parasailing, we’re here to get you up in the air with a 20-year safety record and full USCG safety compliance. Now doesn’t that make your confidence soar? See you at the dock!

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