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Ocean City Parasail Welcomes you!

Our Parasailing Prices are as follows:

$80/per person / 500 ft. for 10 – 12 minutes

Ocean City Parasail offers single, tandem (2) or triple (3) flights. Due to many uncontrollable wind and ocean conditions the minimum and maximum weights for single and multiple flights can vary. Single flyers (only 1 person in the parachute) must typically weigh between 160-170lbs to fly alone. Tandem and triple flights are at the Captain’s discretion but generally speaking they are guaranteed for weight combinations of 450lb or less. The boat trip will take an hour and a half when there are 12 parasailors onboard. Minors under the age of 18 must get a parental or adult signature on the waiver prior to the trip.

Optional 1: $30 / Add Digital/Photo Package

Capture your “air time” to watch later! Our crew will photograph you and your partner(s) while you are sailing 500 feet above Ocean City, NJ’s beautiful beach. This package includes views from above, as well as your individual flight. The video is merged together with music for a totally memorable souvenir.

Optional 2: $35 / Observers on board

If there is space available at the time of your trip, your family members or friends are welcome to ride on the boat for an additional cost. Each excursion takes approximately an hour and a half. We take 10 – 12 parasailers per trip and fly out in the Atlantic Ocean right in front of Ocean City’s best beaches. We understand that not everyone has a daredevil side, so you can bring someone along to watch with this option.

$$ Any Amount / Gift Certificates

They will never forget who gave them a Gift Certificate from Ocean City Parasail, nor the time they had on the adventure! This is one gift you can be sure will never get lost, returned or be unused.

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