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Do I need any experience to parasail?

No. If you can walk onto our parasail boat by yourself, and if you are physically able to sit down, then you should be able to parasail.

Can I fly with another person?

Yes, most of our flights are tandem (2 people) or triple (3 people)

Will I be able to go if I have suffered any back, neck or spinal injuries?

Bear in mind that the boat ride is bumpy and parasailing does require some mobility, so if you have suffered any former back or neck injuries, unfortunately we cannot recommend this form of entertainment, not even as an observer on the boat.

Can I bring a camera on the boat or use it while I’m up in the air?

You are welcome to bring along cameras, video cameras or phones. However, Ocean City Parasail is not responsible for lost or damaged equipment. Remember you are doing a “watersport” activity and it is always possible to get wet.

Do you offer photo packages?

Yes, it includes 20 aerial views of the island and about 30-40 additional digital images of your parasailing flights.

What should I wear?

A bathing suit or whatever you are comfortable in.

Do I need a reservation?

We recommend it, yes. Due to the popularity of parasailing and limited space availability, OCP recommends booking your parasailing adventure at least 3 – 4 days in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must cancel your trip within 24 hours of the scheduled time slot in order to receive a refund.

How does the process work?

Our Parasail boats are equipped with a hydraulic winch system. We help you with your harness and life jacket. Once you sit down on our flight deck you simply take off as the boat starts moving and the parachute leaves directly from the back of the boat.

Will I get wet?

Most likely, yes. Getting wet can be half the fun, although we do offer touch n’ go styles which means we slow down and let your toes touch the water.

How long will I get to fly in the parachute?

Your actual flight time is between 10 –12 minutes. However, the duration of the trip from the time the boat leaves the dock is approximately 1 ½ hrs. long.

How high up will we go?

We offer a 500ft towline so you will be about 340 to 350 feet high.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Our minimum solo flights require a minimum weight of 160 – 170 lbs.; however the fluctuations can vary, depending on the weather conditions. The maximum combined weight total that we allow to fly together is 450 lbs. Once again, this is ultimately determined by the Captain and can vary throughout the day.

What are the age requirements?

Anyone under the age of 18 yrs. is required to have an adult or parent’s signature on the waiver.

Can I go parasailing if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately, our insurance company excludes women who are pregnant from parasailing, or even from going on the boat as an observer. Please come back and fly with us at a later date.

Can handicapped or physically challenged people go parasailing?

We welcome people of all walks of life to come parasailing, however the answer depends on each person’s individual abilities. In order to fly, you must be able to walk onto the boat, where you will then be harnessed up and will need to walk about 10 ft. to the flight deck and climb 3 steps. If you can manage these steps on your own, then you can go parasailing! Our crew is happy to assist anyone who is physically challenged; however we are unable to physically carry any passengers. We hope you will be able to come parasailing and will help any way we can. Please ask if you have questions about this.

Do you have weather restrictions?

Most definitely, yes. Safety is our top concern; therefore we keep a very close eye on the radar to determine if wind or rain, or any changes in weather are predicted to take place during your time slot. Rest assured that if we must cancel your parasailing excursion due to weather, you will be refunded 100%.

What kind of training is required to become a Captain?

Ocean City Parasail Captains each holds a Masters license from the United States Coast Guard (USCG), which means they have met the minimum of two years “sea time” just for testing eligibility. To put this in perspective, each year of sea time requires approximately 18 months working as a full-time crew member or deckhand.

Are there any sharks in the ocean water that might bite me?

The good news is that nobody has ever been attacked by a shark or any other dangerous fish while parasailing, and although sharks do live in the ocean, they haven’t taken any interest in our parasailors.

What happens if the tow line snaps or if the boat breaks down while I’m up there

To ensure safety at all times, we remain persistent about keeping up with a very rigorous maintenance program for all of our equipment. We constantly check, double check and keep up with frequent upgrades for our USCG certified boats. In the unlikely event of any problems to either the tow line or the boat, the parasail would simply float down and you would land in the water, where you would be rescued by your life jacket and the onslaught of crew members who would come and get you within seconds.


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